West Fife Woodlands Group

The Woodland Preservation

West Fife Woodlands is a community group dedicated to the preservation, enhancement and accessibility of West Fife’s woodland areas.

In the autumn of 2016 we worked in partnership with the West Fife Woodlands group and gave them access to a woodland area on our farm. The group received funding from ‘Paths for All’ (www.pathsforall.org.uk) to improve and extend the path network that the group have established over recent years. Cyclists and horse riders as well as walkers will be able to use the path and the path will contribute to the group’s long term aim of creating a network of Paths linking the communities of Blairhall and Valleyfield to the Devilla Forest. The path on our land has now been completed and gives access from Balgownie wood to the Fife Coastal Path at Culross using quiet country roads. This path will allow people better access to the other paths in the area.

The proposed network of paths will link us directly to the Devilla Forest. The forest attracts walkers, cyclists and horse riders and is a fantastic facility to encourage people to make the most of the outdoors. The Devilla is very much a family forest and has so much to offer. There are many different routes within the forest which are easy to access and not too strenuous and includes the red squirrel trail where the children have the opportunity to explore and spot the squirrels, this route is accessible to everyone, of all abilities.